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Smart eGovernment Services

The Smart eGovernment Services solution is designed to make government services more efficient and user-friendly. It focuses on "Digital + Government Services" to optimize service procedures, ensuring applicants only need to make a single visit.

Advanced and Efficient Services

This approach emphasizes self-service as the primary method, supplemented by manual support, facilitating simpler and more efficient processing. The integration of a user-friendly and AI-powered intelligent system allows for easy application and remote processing by staff, which optimizes manpower at service counters.


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Intelligent Management

The solution integrates smart analytics and management system, using big data for government service platforms, appointment systems, and queuing systems to support decision-making and improve public service experiences. It achieves goals like guaranteed service upon appointment, one-visit resolution, and minimizes common issues like overcrowding and long wait times.

A study case at a branch of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau's service hall:

Daily, the branch handles around 2,000 affairs, averaging 250 people per hour, with peaks reaching about 400. If all tasks were manually processed, the staff would be under immense pressure. After implementing the Smart eGovernment Service Solution, the average processing time per transaction reduced to less than 3 minutes, increasing the average handling capacity to 640 people per day per staff. The hall's daily handling capacity increased to 3,200 people, improving efficiency by more than 60%!