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Identity Information Management

EMPTECH's Identity Information Management System is designed for managing personal data. It is used in conjunction with our ID document personalization system to securely produce different types of ID documents. The identity holders’ information is stored in the system database, and International standard encryption algorithm is used to ensure data security. The database will be automatically backed up regularly to prevent system anomalies.

The system can comprehensively manage customer information, such as registration, modification, and verification. The information collected by the front-end will be directly transmitted to the platform through the Internet after encryption, and then the database will be automatically synchronized. The introduction of the identity information management system has efficiently avoided manual-error while reducing man power and paper waste.

Identity Information Management System

It provides exceptional support for XML, Web Services and REST. The wide range of transport adapters available for the Identity Information Management System, enables it to communicate over many application and transport layer protocols, like HTTP(S), Mail (POP3, IMAP, SMTP), JMS, TCP, UDP, VFS, SMS, XMPP and FIX.

The system uses a flexible architecture based on SOA principles such as loose-coupling and asynchronous message passing, emphasizing an incremental approach to adopting and deploying an SOI.

The system offers the following Enterprise Application Integration (EAI):

• Business Process Monitoring

• Business Process Management

• Connectors

• Transaction Manager

• Security

• Application Container

• Messaging Service

• Meta data Repository