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Voter Verification

Biometric technology plays an important role in identifying and authenticating the eligible voters.The biometric data encrypted in the voters’ card improves the security and creditability of the voter.

Comparing with traditional manual checks, the electronic biometric voter verification solutions improves the accuracy and efficiency in identifying and authenticating the eligible voters.

EMPTECH has developed different voter verification solutions to meet different needs. The verification process can be online or offline. The election staff can verify the voter by comparing the data encrypted in the voter card and the biometric data collected on-site, such as fingerprint and facial data through our verification devices. The whole verification process is easy and fast, which highly improves the efficiency while ensuring the accuracy.

Fingerprint Verification

EMPTECH aims to automate the verification of voters through the use of their biometric information, and the biometric voter verification solution is an efficient, accurate, cost-effective and proven solution for verifying voters.