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Digital Voter ID


EMPCode is a multi-dimensional graphical code consisting of "facial image + biometric features + biographical data". Built upon state-of-the-art cryptographic technology, it serves as a trusted digital Voter ID, providing a high level of security and anti-counterfeiting measures. EMPCode is a sophisticated code system that is extremely difficult to tamper with, while its large capacity makes it enable to store complex personal features for higher security.

EMPCode can be authenticated offline using intelligent biometric authentication terminals such as BioTab, ensuring reliable and accurate authentication. By enabling only authorized voters to cast their votes, EMPCode helps maintain the integrity of the electoral process, adhering to the principle of "1 Identity, 1 Vote".

Technical Features

■ Dual authentication, digital-authentication and visual-authentication.

■ Coding capacity may adjustable under 1000 byte.

■ Adopt Reed Solomon algorithm for error correction and tolerance adjustment;

■ 4-level error correction options: 7%, 15%, 25%, and 30%;