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City Integrated Ticketing System

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With the popularization and recognition of electronic payment, the traditional management of electronic payment for public transport system by a single operator is facing difficulty to meet the needs of today's development. It has become a new trend to apply all-in-one transportation card in a wider range, and even expand to the demand of urban all-in-one card.

The overall goal of Integrated Ticketing System is to build a first-class platform with clearing system as the center, intelligent IC card (contactless CPU card) as carrier, and small payment business as the basis, to connect the information system of secondary settlement systems, such as taxi, supermarket, market, gas station, parking, water supply, power supply, etc. The "one card multi-purpose" IC card can provide convenient and fast payment, settlement and service to improve the management level.

With Integrated Ticketing System you can build a safe, reliable clearing and settlement network covering the whole city's public consumption field, it also can be compatible with other payment systems such as bank payment and QR code payment platform access.