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Passenger Counting and Analysis System

The Analysis of Passenger Flow solution is an important part of dispatching system. Passenger flow data is vital for public transportation management, operation and dispatching, it is of great significance to predict traffic flow accurately.

Passenger Counting and Analysis System

If we can obtain the passenger flow data in real time and study the regularity, future passenger flow trend can be analyzed so as to provide statistic basis for operation management and public transport network planning.

Traditional scheduling with fixed intervals will be replaced by dynamic scheduling thus to realize intelligent digital operation. Traditional methods obtaining passenger flow through field investigation can only get limited information, which are not comprehensive enough.

The Passenger Flow Analysis solution of EMPTECH, utilizing sensors and cameras to record the basic data of passenger flow, while integrating the IC card data and GPS data, thus to predict the future passenger flow in different periods through complex algorithms. As there are many difficulties in recognizing people in the bus, such as fast flow of passengers and chaotic environment, with EMPTECH’s AI technology, it can accurately identify different passengers and greatly reduce errors. Compared with the traditional passenger flow analysis method, the accuracy of this solution in predicting data is significantly improved.