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City Bus

EMPTECH City Bus Solutions revolutionize public transportation by incorporating advanced technologies for efficient and convenient transit payment, fare clearing and settlement, passenger flow analysis, vehicle dispatch, real-time tracking, vehicles and drivers management, and more. The solutions aim to improve passenger satisfaction, enhance the intelligence of public transit operations, and increase management efficiency.

Smart Payment

Imagine a bustling city scene where commuters are conveniently using an advanced bus ticketing system. Inside the bus, one person swiftly pays with a bank card, while another nearby uses NFC on their smartphone. A third commuter scans a QR payment code. Beside them, a passenger is using facial recognition for payment. All of these transactions are made possible by EMPTECH’s advanced ticketing system.

The ticketing system enhances the ease of urban commuting with its diverse, cutting-edge payment methods, thereby improving the traveler experience.

Intelligent Operation

EMPTECH’s All-in-one Operation System is a comprehensive system that integrates public key management system, card issuance system, customer service system, clearing and settlement system, business management system, communication system, report query system, TMS front-end platforms, and industry subsystems. It supports various types of transaction record processing and clearing and settlement, and is applicable to urban passenger transportation scenarios such as buses, subways, BRT, and taxis. The system also supports third-party digital payment methods, including financial cards, QR code payments, and others. It accurately achieves reconciliation and clearing with multiple third-party payment platforms, meeting the diverse payment needs for people's travel.

Intelligent Dispatch

The intelligent dispatching system is the core component of EMPTECH's Intelligent Bus SaaS Platform. It enables real-time monitoring and dispatching of buses by collecting, transmitting, and processing information related to buses, passenger flow, and road conditions. This system can adjust the operational status of buses according to actual needs, improving the efficiency of vehicle operations. It allows bus operator companies to achieve optimal resource utilization and allocation, enabling intelligent scheduling and fine management of bus operations. This significantly enhances the service level of buses and the management capabilities of bus operator companies.

Accurate Dispatch

Managing passenger demand through big data layering, offering various precise dispatching methods.

AI-powered Real-time Dispatch

Utilizing artificial intelligence technology for passenger flow prediction, traffic condition prediction, resource forecasting, and achieving intelligent scheduling.

Today, EMPTECH has deployed smart bus systems in more than 300 cities, delivered over 700,000 units of on-board bus terminals, and is serving more than 400,000 buses. 

The intelligent Smart Bus solution represents a significant leap forward in urban transportation management. The smart payment systems offers commuters a range of convenient, cutting-edge payment methods, enhancing the travel experience with speed and ease. Intelligent operation utilizes data-driven insights to optimize the functioning of transportation systems, ensuring efficiency, safety, and reliability. Intelligent dispatch, on the other hand, employs sophisticated algorithms to manage vehicle routing and scheduling, adapting in real-time to changing traffic conditions and passenger demands. Together, these innovative technologies streamline urban commuting, significantly improving service quality, operational efficiency, and overall passenger satisfaction.