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Intelligent Bus Surveillance System

Today, to ease traffic congestion in major cities, citizens are more reliable on the efficient public transportation systems. For this, the safety of public transportation is what we cannot ignore. In earlier video surveillance solutions, people are paying more attention to the passengers in the bus rather than the drivers. The increasing cars on the road and more complex traffic conditions require a more comprehensive bus surveillance system to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers

The bus surveillance system of EMPTECH not only check the status of passengers in the bus in real time, but also the monitoring of drivers. The driving status of the driver is the key to safety. Through automatic regular detection, the operators can easily detect whether the driver is in fatigue driving or dangerous driving. Once abnormal status is detected, the system will automatically alarm the driver, or remote operating platforms can also warn the driver directly using built-in communication devices.

EMPTECH’s solution is also integrated with advanced driving assistance system and 360 Camera. There are blind areas for large buses where the driver cannot see from the rear-view mirror on both sides of the bus. 360-degree monitoring and a variety of sensors perfectly solve this problem, the driver would be able to monitor the entire situation outside the bus through the monitor. In addition, all videos will be uploaded to the background server on a regular basis, and transport operators will be able to check the performance of drivers to conduct assessment and training for continuous improvement to their transport services.