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Identity Document Ecosystem

The Identity Document Ecosystem comprises five main components: Registration, Data Management, Document Personalization, Document Dispensing, and Identity Authentication. Each component is supported by corresponding hardware and software systems to facilitate the lifecycle of identity document issuance.

1. Registration

During the initial phase of identity document issuance, individuals undergo a comprehensive registration process.

This pivotal step involves the collection of essential biographic and biometric information to establish a unique and secure identity profile.

AI-powered Photo Quality Management System 

Our advanced registration system leverages cutting-edge AI technologies to ensure the high quality and reliability of captured data. Recognizing that the photo quality serves as the foundation for the overall identity document quality, EMPTECH has conducted extensive research and development in portrait capture. This effort has resulted in the development of our Photo Quality Management System, ensuring the excellence of photo acquisition and is compliant with ICAO 9303 standard.

During the enrollment process, EMPTECH’s AI-powered Photo Quality Management System identifies whether the applicant's pose, expression, eye visibility and accessories meet ICAO standards, as well as the illumination control, ensuring that the quality of the captured photo aligns with requirements, increasing the efficiency of photo quality checks, alleviating the burden on staff. Simultaneously, this diminishes the inconvenience of secondary registrations due to disqualified photos.

Additionally, the system can automatically crop the portrait to the required dimensions to enhance the clarity of facial features. Moreover, it facilitates precise separation of the background and the person's portrait, allowing for the substitution of the background with a clean and uniformly colored one. This capability holds true even in the case of individuals with white hair, ensuring that the photo remains clearly identifiable.


The Photo Quality Management System enhances the flexibility of portrait capture environments, enabling the capture of ICAO-compliant photos even in non-professional settings, such as by adopting the Online Pre-registration Solution, allowing applicants to capture their portraits through an online platform to streamline on-site registration.

Various Registration Products

EMPTECH has developed a diverse range of registration products to meet various requirements, including Self-Service Kiosk, Intelligent Counter, Online Pre-registration Platform, and Mobile Registration Devices, all of which are configurable to meet specific registration needs.

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Device Management System (DMS)

The DMS is designed for comprehensive management of various registration devices deployed across multiple locations. It offers real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing administrators to track the exact location, operational status, service metrics, and other critical data of each device. In case of any detected issues, the DMS provides functionalities for remote intervention, including the ability to control or secure devices by locking them remotely. Moreover, the system supports remote upgrades, vastly improving overall management efficiency.

2. Data Management

After the registration process, the Data Management system takes center stage, playing a crucial role in collecting, organizing, and processing data related to identity document issuance. The system encompasses key components, including the Data Processing System, Application Management System, Security Encryption System, Personalization System, Verification System, and more.

3. Personalization

EMPTECH has developed a range of advanced personalization technologies, including Laser Engraving, UV Inkjet Printing, and Multi-layer Personalization (MLP). These technologies cater to diverse identity document issuance needs, such as ID cards, passports, voter cards, driving licenses, bank cards, and more.

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To effectively apply these techniques to various documents, EMPTECH has also developed cutting-edge personalization machines for both decentralized and centralized issuance purposes. The machines are designed to meet customer needs for different issuance volumes, ranging from small to large. Additionally, the machines is configurable, offering clients the flexibility to choose solutions that best fit their specific requirements.

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4. Dispensing

EMPTECH has innovated in the realm of document issuance with its self-service dispensing solution, revolutionizing the way applicants receive their new documents. This solution is achieved by an user-friendly self-service kiosk, which streamlines the collection process. This approach significantly boosts efficiency by reducing wait times and eliminating the need for manual distribution. Applicants benefit from the convenience of collecting their documents at their own pace, without the constraints of traditional office hours or queues. Additionally, these kiosks are equipped with advanced security features, ensuring the safe and secure dispensing of sensitive documents.

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5. Identity Authentication

In the identity authentication process, efficiency and accuracy are crucial. EMPTECH has developed a series of solutions tailored to meet diverse needs, such as border control, building access, high-speed rail systems, and high-security areas. These solutions involve verifying identities through biometric features, as well as physical or digital credentials. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, EMPTECH's systems offer precise recognition capabilities. This not only enhances efficiency but also significantly improves user experience.

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EMPTECH's comprehensive identity ecosystem represents a significant advancement in the field of identity management, each component of the ecosystem is meticulously designed to ensure maximum efficiency, security, and user convenience. By harnessing cutting-edge automation technologies and AI algorithms, EMPTECH not only meets but exceeds the diverse requirements of modern identity management challenges. Whether for government, corporate, or public sector use, EMPTECH's solutions stand at the forefront of innovation, setting new standards in identity management and offering unparalleled benefits to users and operation officers.