DoD DeskCard
Decentralized DoD personalization solution for card issuance.
DoD DeskCard is a state-of-the-art desktop-type DoD (Drop on Demand) personalization solution specifically designed to streamline the personalization process and enhance the quality of issued cards. One of its key advantages is the significantly reduced operational costs compared to other personalization solutions, such as Thermal Transfer. The use of cost-effective consumables, easy maintenance, and high printing quality features make it stands out among the available options.
This innovative solution utilizes advanced UV inkjet printing technology, enabling both monochrome and color printing. It also offers the option to apply a customized transparent protection layer, either over the entire surface or specific areas of the card. It is capable of printing various elements, including images, texts, numbers, bar-codes, QR codes, and other essential components required for financial cards, membership cards, health cards, student cards, and more.