The ultimate all-in-one solution for all your biometric registration needs
The BioCase is a cutting-edge device designed for seamless and efficient biometric feature capture. It comes in two versions: the fully-integrated model, seamlessly integrating with biometrics capture modules, laptops, secondary screens, and other innovative accessories; and the modular integrated model, featuring biometrics capture modules, tablets, and other necessary accessories, allowing for take out from the suitcase and immediate use.

Supporting iris, fingerprint, and face capture, the BioCase is versatile, catering to various scenarios that demand the capture of biometric features, including ID card applications, voter registration, refugee card registration, travel document applications, bank account openings, and more.

Designed with a waterproof, crash-protective, and rugged yet lightweight build, coupled with comprehensive functionalities and a robust battery life, the BioCase emerges as the ideal solution for mobile registration needs.