E-Bike Plate
Secure, durable and traceable.
The polycarbonate-based E-Bike plates are designed for enduring long-term use. The plate body is resistant to wear and tear, non-combustible, and resistant to deformation. The equipped RFID chip integrates E-BIKE information, plate and owner details, allowing for traceability. This technology enables data collection while incorporating unique encryption technology to protect data and prevent unauthorized access by unauthorized devices, and it allows long-distance reading. Additionally, the external frame has exceptional reflective properties, ensuring clear visibility of the plate information during both day and night. Moreover, its material greatly prevents any interference with RFID radio frequency signals.

The innovative E-Bike plate body design, coupled with the personalization, mailing, and management system, enables precise and efficient management of E-Bikes. This system effectively reduces incidents and enhances the overall traffic safety environment, ensuring citizens' secure mobility.

The EMPTECH E-Bike Plate Management Solution comprises the E-Bike Plate Production and Personalization System, along with the Mailing System and Management Platform. This comprehensive solution enables precise and efficient management of E-Bikes, effectively reducing incidents and enhancing the overall traffic safety environment, thereby ensuring secure mobility for citizens.