Biometric Enrollment Counter
An intelligent biometric enrollment solution for counter service.
The smart Biometric Enrollment Counter offers an intelligent solution for registration services at counters, particularly for processes involving face capture, such as ID document applications. It serves as an efficient alternative to self-service solutions, benefiting special user groups like the elderly, children, and individuals with disabilities who require personalized counter assistance.

The innovative mirror-based board with an integrated HD camera allows applicants to seamlessly adjust their posture to capture photos that meet standard requirements before actual photo capture, significantly enhancing the customer experience. Additionally, the intelligent system can automatically adjust the camera height and lighting of the LED panel and backdrop, ensuring even illumination. When recognizing applicants wearing glasses, it automatically adjusts supplementary lighting to avoid reflections.

The user-friendly interface facilitates seamless operation for both applicants and officers. And the compact design considers the specific needs of counter service, ensuring optimal compatibility with workstations for enhanced deployment possibilities.