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Guangzhou E-Bikes Now Have E-Plates

“ 000001! ” On November 3, 2021, the first electronic license plate (e-plate) for e-bike in Guangzhou was issued.

(Picture from GDTV )

In order to strengthen standardized management for e-bikes in the city, the Traffic Police Detachment of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau recently made an announcement about implementing e-bikes registration to achieve a new form of traffic safety management in a digital way.

According to the announcement, starting from November 2, 2021, all the e-bikes running on the roads are required to register and apply for license plates. The novel polycarbonate-based license plates contain RFID chips and are personalized with unique numbers and QR-codes, offering additional features as compared to the traditional ones.

(Picture from GZTV)

In recent years, e-bike became a popular commute companion for daily travel of some residents in large and medium-sized cities in China because of its low price, convenience, and flexibility, which is especially true during the pandemic. Meanwhile, the rapid development of China’s express and food-delivery industries also boost its demand.

According to the statistics gathered by the China Bicycle Association, over the years, the annual sales of e-bike in China exceed 30 million, and today, the roads are tangled with close to 300 million e-bikes, as well as growing at a rate of 30 percent every year.

Despite the obvious advantages, the rapid growth of e-bikes also causes a series of safety problems, devastating accidents and injuries happen frequently, causing pedestrians’  discontent and complains, e-bike becomes what people call “Road Killer”.

According to the statistics from the Guangzhou Traffic Police Department, in the first three quarters of this year, a total of 750,000 e-bike traffic violations were investigated in the city, such as the illegal occupation of motor vehicle lanes, over-speed cycling, red-light running, without wearing a helmet, reverse cycling and other risky riding behaviors. And there were 654 traffic accidents involving e-bikes, up 33% year on year, and the number of casualties was on the rise.

In the face of frequent occurrence and severity of e-bike accidents, further strengthening the management of e-bike has become an urgent need to solve for the Guangzhou Traffic Police Department.

(Picture from GZTV)

Following the successful implementation of EMPTECH’s Vehicle Information Management Solution (VIMS) in Shenzhen and achieving effective results in reducing e-bike traffic accidents, Guangzhou is another metropolitan city adopted this solution and took a key step in building a safer environment. EMPTECH was very proud to be trusted by the governments and made important contributions to urban traffic safety in the cities.

The comprehensive VIMS includes vehicle management system, production, mailing and sorting of e-plates and collection & supervision system. The advanced e-plate the solution delivered has properties of uniqueness and reliability, utilizing the technical characteristics of RFID high-precision identification, high-accuracy collection, and high-sensitivity, the e-plate is used as the carrier of vehicle information, it realizes the binding of vehicle and owner information, and also include a matching encrypted QR-code, providing an unique identity for each vehicle, so as to achieve “One Vehicle, One Person, One Identity”.

The solution allows for accurate vehicle detection and identity recognition & verification, when traffic violations occur on the road, the multi-level, networked traffic control system can timely and automatically locate the vehicle and identify the rider, this can also reduce the chances of a criminal fleeing a scene if a vehicle is in an accident or associated with a crime. It lends strong support for the traffic police in law enforcement. This approach also helps improve the traffic safety consciousness of the riders and encourages them to form good riding habits, thereby avoiding risky riding behaviors and effectively reducing the probability of traffic accidents, then regaining confidence of pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers in safe travel. In addition, this solution also protects vehicle owner's property, if the identity information of the rider does not match the ones stored in the chip or QR-code, the act of impersonating owner will be easily detected.

EMPTECH’s cutting-edge personalization system delivers color-fast and aging-resistant polycarbonate-based number plates that meets the requirements of long-term use according to ISO standards, in conjunction with the highly intelligent mailing system, enabling the government to issue the license plates to the owner in a faster, more accurate and more convenient way, which enhances customer experience while improving working efficiency.

As of today, millions of EMPTECH e-plates have been installed and were praised by the governments and the public. The adoption of VIMS is considered as an effective measure for preventing e-bike accidents and protecting the traffic safety without having to take on high costs.

With the increasing attention paid to the traffic safety, more cities are interested in this solution and start to set up pilot programs. EMPTECH is confident that its technological innovation will benefit more and more people and helping them live safer, more secure lives!

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