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EMPTECH Launches Self-service Certificate Issuing Kiosk to Expand its Portfolio of ePublic Services Solutions

With expertise and considerable experience in delivering advanced unattended solutions to the filed of ePublic Services, such as Self-service Enrollment, Document Dispensing, Card Instant Issuance, etc., EMPTECH continues to strengthen its portfolio of ePublic Services solutions with Innovative, Reliable and Adaptable Self-service Certificate Issuing Kiosk EMP7921 that responds to the needs of governmental and non-governmental agencies for delivering more efficient and satisfying services.

The self-service kiosk offers a convenient and secure alternative to issue certificates and official documents while enhancing customer experience. This unattended approach, by automatically linking with the end-users’ system, allowing people to obtain more than one type of instant printed and stamped certificates through an easy-to-use terminal at their own convenience without having to visit the service counter, which contributes to a large reduction in processing time and workforce by digitalizing and optimizing processes associated with issuing certificates. Moreover, its freestanding design makes it easy to deploy at more flexible locations, enabling issuing services are available 24/7, which can bring great convenience to the customers.

EMP7921 supports double-sided printing of A4 size certificates through laser printer, it is also capable of adding embossed stamp, wet ink stamp and RFID tag on the certificates to complete the whole production of professional certificates. In order to provide the possibility of traceability, the kiosk is designed with built-in scanning system for making a record of the certificates issued. In addition, it’s flexible design allows for customized configuration based on actual service requirements, it can be configured with identity verification, payment, scanning and other functional modules to meet different needs.

The creation of EMP7921 highlights EMPTECH’s technological advances, the novel solution streamlines the process of certificates issuance, making it easy and efficient, which can bring great value to governmental and non-governmental agencies of all kinds. It can be used for issuing Birth and Death certificates, Marriage and Divorce certificates, Staff certificates, Academic certificates, Contracts and Licenses, Health certificates and other types of agency certificates.

Benefits of Implementing Self-service Kiosk for Issuing Certificates

Economize Resources  

Reduce staffing demands to help processing issuance procedures, resulting in resources savings for end-users

Increase Efficiency

People can easily obtain the certificates needed by self-service operation without the need of reservation for counter services or waiting in lines

Enhance Accuracy

Reducing human error by digitalizing working process

Improve Accessibility

Available 24/7, access services at more flexible locations

Enhance Experience

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction

Improve Safety

Maintain healthy social distance through unattended solution

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