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More Than 200,000 Hong Kong Residents Have Registered for “iAM Smart”

As of mid April 2021, over 200,000 Hong Kong residents have registered for the one-stop personalised digital services platform "iAM Smart" since its launch in late December last year, according to a recent government report.

In the Policy Address in 2017, the Hong Kong government announced that the provision of an electronic identity (now renamed as “iAM Smart”) was one of the key infrastructure projects for smart city development in Hong Kong.

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (“OGCIO”), who led the development of the “iAM Smart”, issued a tender to public for Implementation, Support and Maintenance for the “iAM Smart” System, EmpTech was awarded for the Category D contract to supply Self-service Registration Kiosks (“SRK”) , Registration Tablets and Mobile Device Management (“MDM”) System to support the registration of “iAM Smart”.


                                                                           (picture from the Hong Kong government press release)

“iAM Smart” was officially launched in December 2020, in order to support the on-time rollout, EmpTech endeavored to overcome the impact of epidemic and successfully delivered over 40 customized SRK and 260 customized Registration Tablets on time to OGCIO, as well as the MDM system which supports the administration, operation, monitoring and software maintenance of the SRK and Registration Tablets, the equipment have already been deployed in more than 170 locations in Hong Kong.

All Hong Kong Identity Card holders aged 11 or above are eligible to register for "iAM Smart", the users are available to access more than 40 online government services through the "iAM Smart" platform currently, including eTAX, renewal of full driving licence, registration of outbound travel information,etc., government is still enhancing its application, such as promote wider use of digital payments, remote on boarding in the financial industries and drive the adoption of the platform by public and private sectors. According to the government report, it is expected that by mid-2021, residents can access about 110 online government services through the platform.

“iAM Smart” account is available in two versions, namely “iAM Smart” and “iAM Smart+”. The “iAM Smart” version can be registered remotely by using mobile phone, it has authentication, “e-ME” form-filling and personalised notifications functions, while the "iAM Smart+" version has the digital signing function in addition. If digital signing for services like vehicle licence renewal is required, the residents should go to self-registration kiosk locations in person using the SRK or Registration Service Counters /Mobile Registration Teams using the Registration Tablets to perform the registration or upgrade of "iAM Smart+". Upon the registration is completed, users can log in and access online services with their “iAM Smart” accounts through their personal mobile phones.


EmpTech Self-service Kiosk offers a fast, easy and secure way to complete the registration process, the whole process can be done in few minutes, it achieves self-service application submission, its user-friendly design allows applicant perform the process with no need of help from staff, which greatly lessens the pressure on government services. The kiosk enables the registration process involves biometric identification, it can verify the applicant is the ID card holder by matching his live biometric facial data captured by camera and ID data collected by card reader, which prevents duplication, multiple registration or identity theft, thus to improve the accuracy and security of the registration. The kiosk is designed to be smart, it has human detection function, the system can automatically enter the registration interface when detecting someone is standing in front of the kiosk. Besides, its automatic light compensatory function ensures the quality of facial data captured. More importantly, all images of ID card and facial data captured in registration will be deleted immediately upon completion of identity verification, and the kiosk is equipped with anti-peep panel, which greatly enhance information security and privacy protection.


EmpTech Registration Tablet offers an alternative for registration, it supports the applicants who need to perform the registration with the assistance of counter staff, such as the elders. The mobile registration solution enables government provide services at more flexible locations, which also brings convenience to the applicants. In addition, the design of tablet is strengthened in security, it has tamper-proof function, once the tablet is illegally disassembled, the data kept in the tamper-proof chip will be automatically destroyed immediately. The tablet delivers a cost-effective, secure and flexible solution for registration.

The Mobile Device Management system allows government easily and efficiently administrate, operate and monitor the SRK and Registration Tablets, the tool enhances the security, connectivity, privacy protection and management of the devices being used.

With EmpTech’s reliable registration solutions, government is able to streamline not only the registration process but moving ahead, the solutions bring greater convenience to the applicants while guaranteeing the quality and security of enrollment data.

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