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New Advancements of Biometric National eID Card and ePassport in Belarus
The government of the People’s Republic of Belarus has been working on the development of for years, allowing combinations of various departmental information systems and users to obtain digital, administrative, information, and payment services based on uniform rules. According to Mr. Pavel Khrishchenovich, the Deputy Head of the Citizenship and Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Belarus, relevant government bureaus have been working since 2016 to implement a set of measures to create a Belarusian integrated service and payment system thus to introduce biometric identity documents. As a core part of the Digital Government System, Biometric National eID cards will be introduced in Belarus as a personal identification document for domestic purposes, while Biometric ePassports will be used for traveling aboard.
The National eID cards and ePassports Tender was finally awarded to a consortium led by Emperor Technology, teaming with X-InfoTech, in May 2018, among other strong international bidders from Europe, Russia, America and Asia. Emperor Technology, as the Exclusive Supplier of the said Tender, will provide an innovative, integrated and comprehensive system covering Citizen Biometric Data Enrollment, Secured Data Management and Biometric Documents Issuance, including system, software, hardware and implementation services. The Project delivery will start by end 2018 with full deployment within 2019.

It is Emperor Technology’s great honor to be awarded, thanks to its cutting-edge technologies innovative security upgrades to the Belarusian National eID Card and ePassport with its rich global successes and references in the Secure Identity Credential industry.

Contract Signing Ceremony      Contract Signing Ceremony