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EmpTech Financial Instant Issuance Solution with Personalization Gains Foothold into Africa

The banking industry in Africa is experiencing rapid innovation on the improvement of customer journey and, ultimately, to the national level of financial inclusion.


The African financial institution was looking for a flexible and innovative solution that enables bank branches to instantly issue personalized financial cards to applicants, in a Fast and Convenient, Secured and Cost-effective way. Besides enhancing banks’ customers’ experience, it also enables the banks to penetrate their services into the less developed areas.

With extensive experience in successfully delivering financial solutions to hundreds of bank branches in India and China, EmpTech’s financial solution for instant issuance of personalized payment cards with self-service kiosks to the African financial institution was able to address the rising African financial industry needs of instant issuance through our know-how and state-of-the art technology with quality support and services. At the beginning of March 2021, the kiosks have already been deployed in the traditional branch network, which has created a new customer experience in Africa's banking sectors.

EmpTech’s card instant issuance kiosk is a one-stop self-service station that allows banks to issue a personalized payment card within minutes directly by a machine, either when opening a new account, or when a card needs to be replaced, enabling banks to get new or existing customers up and running with their bank card immediately.


For the African market, EmpTech’s kiosk offers the features for graphical and electrical personalization, it supports high-quality embossing and indent printing, it also supports contact/contactless chip encoding and magnetic strip encoding. Its rich printing characters can fully meet the requirements of card personalization, besides, it supports color and monochrome flat printing, which can achieve printing text and color image on the cards. It is also equipped with receipt printer, pin pad, touch screen and other functional modules which can satisfy the functions need for the whole process of card issuance. Its user-friendly design makes it easier to operate in any self-service environment, the compact and movable design makes it possible to be implemented in an unconstrained environment.

The unattended issuance solution is a Fast and Convenient, Secured and Cost-effective decentralized issuance solution which can offer tangible benefits for financial institutions and their customers.

Tangible Benefits that EmpTech Instant Personalized Card Issuance Solution can offer:


meet the demand from customer for fast and convenient financial services, enhance customer experience

≤10 seconds

to dispense a new bank card to the cardholder

≤2 minutes

to replace or renew a bank card without changing card number

≤10 minutes

to open a new bank account


available to complete the whole issuance process through a self-service kiosk even at non-working hours, which also helps to keep a safe distance in public during pandemic period


easy to implement outside the bank branches, such as·airport, hotel, supermarket and other non-branch locations, which can expand the financial institution’s reach, allowing more people to access financial services, especially in rural area


avoid card theft through the mail and increase security by more quickly issuing cards to cardholders


the sooner a card is in a customer’s hands, the sooner they can start using it, which can increase card activation and usage

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