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The High-Performance National Identity Card Printer was Launched in Malawi!

In a momentous leap forward for administrative efficiency, Malawi proudly unveils the High-Performance National Identity Card Printer, a groundbreaking addition to the National Registration Bureau's (NRB) arsenal. The unveiling took place amid much anticipation at the NRB offices in Lilongwe's Capital Hill, setting the stage for enhanced service delivery across the nation.

During the commissioning ceremony, Minister of Homeland Security, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma heralded the arrival of the National Identity High-Performance Printer as a milestone in improving the service delivery of NRB.

Minister Zikhale underscored the importance of the new printer, noting its remarkable capacity to produce 3,500 cards per day—a substantial improvement over the previous rate of approximately 200 cards daily. 

"The commissioning of the printer is not just a game changer, it will also save government resources spent on printing national IDs," he stated. 

This significant upgrade mitigates previously expressed concerns regarding the NRB's capacity to meet the growing demand for National IDs, the new printer will undoubtedly expedite the issuance of ID cards and enhance the overall efficiency of the bureau, significantly reduce waiting times for citizens, and also help to save the taxpayers money as the production cost is expected to reduce.

The trust and recognition our high-performance DoD DeskCard System has garnered from both our esteemed partners and end-users fill us with an immense sense of pride and gratitude.

Despite its compact desktop design, the system we delivered doesn't compromise on production capacity. It has markedly enhanced the efficiency of ID card issuance. Moreover, its state-of-the-art DoD Inkjet printing technology not only brings true color to the holder's photo but also significantly increases the card's durability. This leap in quality ensures that we deliver not just a product, but a promise of reliability and excellence. LEARN MORE

We are truly elated by this remarkable achievement, knowing that our innovative solutions have successfully addressed the challenges encountered by end-users. This accomplishment further reinforces our commitment to supporting the National Registration Bureau (NRB) in their mission to provide superior services while simultaneously reducing operational costs.