Instant Issuance System


Versatile functions with a small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, EMP6100 is the ideal choice for banks and financial institutions worldwide
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The EMP6100 desktop banking card printer packs full secure banking card personalization functions in a compact design. Easy to deploy in bank offices and cubicles, and particularly designed for instant issuance of banking card at the branch level, the EMP6100 integrates card embossing, indent printing, thermal printing in color, tipping, contact/contactless chip and magnetic stripe encoding in a single unit. It offers the flexibility to issue various types of banking card with wide card material and range compatibility.
• Small footprint with all functions loaded
• EMV-compliant banking card personalization
• Speed up to 150 cards per hour
• Convenient front-facing operation
• 7 compartment input magazines, support 7 types of card layout
• Lockable input magazine, convenient plug-in usage
• Full-color and monochrome thermal printing on both card sides, edge to edge printing
• Embossing/Indent: one single drum with 150 characters, support front/rear and both sides embossing / indent printing
• Support golden, black or silver tipping, easy ribbon replacement in 5 seconds
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