Tabletop Card Perso Machine


The compact, features-loaded tabletop smart card personalization machine of choice for small-middle volume smart card production.    
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JC-6200G is tabletop designed, flexible and versatile enough to enable integration of the most common modules into the compact machine: OCR, Contact R/W, Contactless R/W, Laser Engraving and flip-over.
With our high perfomance laser marker, scratchless card handling system, the JC-6200G is the new world standard for high quality card personalization.
PC interface: RS-232


Card Production: available for Contact / Contactless card, dual-interface card, or combined card. Single, double side printing make it more ideal for different production requirements.

ID Card Issuance: by perfect integration of JC-6200G equipment and EMP ID Management Software, the ID Issuance processes are highly secured and optimized, delivering high quality results.

Card QC: with embedded reader and advanced OCR technology, both chip and printed information could be checked and verified; only qualified cards could be accepted and delivered to your customers.
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