Centralized Banking Card Issuance System


All personalizaton processing for banking cards on one machine, chip perso, magstrip encoding, embossing, flat printing, indent printing, and tipping.
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Designed and engineered by EmperorTech, the newer card issuance system EMP6600 integrates all the required modules for the personalization of the EMV banking cards. 
Our new EMP6600 will deliver top quality banking cards with security, economy, flexibility and stability and will give your organization an edge in the very competitive financial card Industry.

Modularized design and high range of selections, easy expansion and upgrade.
Open and Easy Integration to Backup System DP or CP.
Up to 3 Patented Embossers, each embossing drum will also produce front & rear indents. 
Up to 64 chip encoding station, support contact, contactless and dual-interface cards.
Magnetic stripe encoding: 3 tracks ISO 7811, HiCo& LoCo.
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