GSM Card Perso Machine


One machine for various types of GSM Card Personalization
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Facing on the global challenge of cost pressure and complexity of Multi-SIM production, EMP-S6000 GSM Card Personalization Machine is designed for saving operation cost and provides the most optimize flexibility of single , 2-in-1, 4-in-1 SIM cardsproductions. Nevertheless, Emperor Personalization Platform offers the most of card issuance applications and multi data personalization process, maximized cost saving from card production.

Zero scratch production reaches the highest card production standard
Optimized reader integration mode, achieving stable and reliable reading performance
Chip Personalization Module: 16 x Card Station, support ISO Card, 2 in1, and 4 in1 Card, easy upgrade and switch between different modes
Laser Engraving Module: 2 x Laser + 3 x Flip-over , support all commonly used laser type, high accuracy positioning system
Error Card Remake: support online and offline remake
Options: OCR, laser dust purifier.
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