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The JC-3200A/C series Card Counter has been designed utilizing advanced logic analysis technologies with high quality, dual optical components. Precision digital electronics and two independent counting and calculation circuits automatically scan the cards, then cross-check and verify each circuit’s results. With its photo-electric calculation, JC-3200A is capable to count cards as thin as 0.4 mm, made of nearly any opaque materials.
JC-3200C could be connected to a compressed air supply making it especially adept at counting thin (up to 0.28mm) plastic and paper cards.
The user friendly large LCD display, voice reporting, and card accumulation up to 99,999 cards makes the JC-3200 easier and more convenient for use.


Optional air compressor for counting cards thickness 0.28- 0.4mm
Automatic scan and voice report counting results
Two counting modes: Single counting and Accumulation
Special counting mode for embossed cards

Counting speed: 500 Cards / 4s
Card box capacity: 500 cards with size of 85.6 X 54.0 X 0.76mm
Power Supply: AC Input: 200~240V 50~60HZ 1A
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