ePassport Perso Machine


High efficiency and quality Inkjet Printing for Centralized ePassport Issuance  
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JC-8000AJ from Emperor Technology offers high-quality and efficient ePassport personalization for centralized issuance. It adopts Inkjet printing with secure hologram lamination protection processing. With Emperor unique double-printing IP, the issuance effiency is significantly improved.

Fully comply with ICAO 9301 Standard.
High quality 8 color printing, resolution ups to 1,440 dpi.
Support both data page and observation printing.
Support all Passport No. recoginition mode, laser perforation No., chip No.and  pre-printed No. reading.
Accurate printing positioning and compensation technology to help customer reduce the rejection rate.
Unique double-printing technology to improve production effiency.
Automatic inline QC without reducing production capacity.
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