Emperor Technology Officially Launched Instant Issuance Kiosk Solution at TRUSTECH 2016
December 2, 2016 – Cannes France

Emperor Technology was very proud to present the Instant Issuance Kiosk Solutions and Kiosk Interactive Smart System (KISS) during the exhibition in TRUSTECH 2016 held at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes from November 29 to December 1, 2016. 
Emperor Technology

Emperor Technology

Per the newly defined company vision “Satisfactions Beyond Security” and the innovative products and solutions displays, Emperor Technology has successfully welcomed and received a record breaking numbers of visitors, partners and potential customers in the 3 days of exhibition.
“Guests and VIPs around the world were having a great time enjoying and experiencing the entire user journey of self-service automatic bank card issuance, starting from Account Opening through biometric data enrollment, to instant debit/credit card issuance, upto a surprising lucky draw after an e-gate personal identification verification!”, said our Executive Vice President - Mr. Sean Zheng.
Customers from banks and government bodies were amazed by the error free quality and world class operations performance of the products and solutions throughout the journey. They are very convinced by the technology evolution, innovation and passions from Emperor Technology to providing brand new, revolutionary and value added security, convenience and efficiency to the industries.
Emperor Technology

On November 30, 2016, Emperor Technology’s Kiosk Interactive Smart System “KISS” was announced officially by our Executive Vice President - Dr. Roger Tai at the Main Stage of TRUSTECH. When hundreds and thousands of automatic kiosks being deployed throughout any countries in the world, “KISS” is the only trusted solution incorporated and interacting 24/7 with each of the kiosk in the field, tracking thus managing closed kiosk performance, maintenance services integrity, spare and consumable healthiness. On the commercial side, “KISS” can also extract instant market analytic data and detailed information regarding card issuance frequency, issuance quantity and card type attractiveness, etc. As to effectively enhance market attractiveness, branding and customer stickiness, “KISS” can also offer different incentives to customers through the card issuance process. With “KISS”, banks and government bodies offering the kiosks solutions to the public can enjoy a peace of mind, while they are optimizing the overall cost effectiveness, operations efficiency, increase revenues or profits if applicable and enhancing customer satisfaction anytime anywhere!

Emperor Technology